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How to Check Zong Balance? (Updated 2022 Guide)

Having balance in SIM is a very crucial thing. You have to send an SMS or call someone when the need arises. You have to check your balance at different times as whenever you need to recharge your sim, get it and recharge once. There are various methods to check the balance on your Zong sim. Let’s get started with these methods. You can use any method. You can use that method which is convenient and easy to use. 

How to check Zong Balance by code?

The first method is to check the balance on your Zong sim through a code. For this purpose just follow these steps. 

  • Unlock your phone
  • You have to enter code *222#
  • Submit it
  • A detail will appear in front of you containing the remaining amount balance.

How to check Zong’s balance by main Manu? 

You can keep a record of your remaining balance by different methods. Here you are provided with a method from which you can check zong balance.

  • Open the dial pad on your phone
  • Dial *310#
  • A list of different options will appear 
  • You can dial the number of zong balance inquiry
  • Submit the respective option

A message will appear showing information of your balance amount.

How to check Zong’s balance through a website? 

You are free to visit the zong website.

If you have created an account, then you can go to the option to check your balance, and a message will appear on your screen containing information about your balance on the website. If you have not created an account on zong website, you can create your account to check Zong balance.

How to check Zong’s balance through MZA?

One of the most convenient methods is to check Zong balance through its app My Zong App app also known as MZA. Besides having other options like activating packages, rewards, loans, etc you can check your zong balance information at the top of the screen.

If you are an android user

  • Go to the play store
  • Search MZA in the search bar
  • Download the app

If you are an iOS user, repeat the process in the Apple Store.

  • You have to add your number. An OTP is sent to that number. Submit OTP. Your account at MZA will be created.

You can check Zong’s balance at any time when you want.

How to inquire about zong balance from Zong Customer Service Representatives?

With the help of voice calls, Zong balance is also checked. This can be done by making a call to a customer service representative. 

  • You can call 310 
  • After certain automated clicks,
  • Submit the option to converse with a representative.
  • Tell them your balance inquiry
  • They will check your details and inform you.
  • You will also receive a confirmation message. 

How to save Zong’s balance?

If you are troubled with the issue that your balance is deducted without any usage. You must save your zong balance. You can save zong balance by transferring it to another zong balance account. Whenever you are in need, you can get that back. 

You have to follow these instructions to lock or save your balance in another account.

  • Open your dial pad on phone
  •  you have to dial *4004#
  • A list of options will appear
  • After selecting prepaid, the service will be subscribed to your SIM.
  • You will see a message of information that you have saved your balance into another account.

Whenever you want to withdraw your balance from that account, you have to dial the above code again. Submit the option unsubscribe. This will unsubscribe from that offer. You are facilitated with this offer free of cost

As a lot of people suffer from this problem of unnecessary balance deduction. This will help to save your balance.

You also call customer service representatives to unsubscribe from all the unnecessary offers which are activated in your SIM.

How to Share Zong balance?

Another tip regarding Zong balance is that you can share zong balance with your family and friends.

  • You have to dial *828#
  • Then follow the instructions which you see on display
  • Add recipient number and amount.
  • Confirm transaction.

How to get a Zong Loan?

Whenever you are short of balance and want to make a call in an emergency, there are different methods that are provided to you to get a Zong Loan instantly. You can get Zong Loan with the methods provided below.

You can get a loan by dialing the code

  • You can dial *911# to get a loan
  •  A message will be sent to confirm a loan
  • You can go to MZA
  • At the top of the app, you can see an option of getting a loan
  • After clicking the option you will provide with a loan

Whenever you recharge again, they charge an amount of loan as well as standard tax is applied to the amount you recharged. 

  • When you call somebody when you have no balance, an automated customer representative will ask you to dial a specific number to get a loan. You can easily get a loan to make a call through this method.


Zong balance on your SIM can be checked by different methods. You can use any of them which is most convenient for you. It helps to check your balance anytime. You are also provided with different services to recharge on Zong. So, this was all about how to check Zong Balance and all related questions.


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