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How to Check Jazz Balance? (A Complete Guide 2022)

Jazz is a telecommunication company having more than 30 million subscribers in Pakistan. Jazz was formed by the merging of two telecommunication companies i.e Mobilink and Warid. It has become one of the leading Telecom operators in Pakistan. So many people have questions related to the service it provides like “how to check Jazz balance?”

If you are a fresh user and do not know how to check the jazz balance and are troubled with this issue, you can check by following the guide. Balance is often needed to call someone, send them a text SMS, or make a data package for the internet. So those techniques which are utilized to check Jazz prepaid or postpaid SIMs balance are mentioned below.

Jazz balance checking Guide for Prepaid users:

How to check Jazz balance on prepaid SIM?

If you are a prepaid user you can use these techniques to check the Jazz balance on your prepaid SIM. You have to dial just a code. For jazz prepaid users, follow the instructions given below

  • Unlock your phone
  • Open dial pad
  • Dial *111# on the dial pad
  • The company will show you balance details on your screen.
  • You do not receive any confirmation message for this inquiry.

How to check Jazz balance through the navigation menu?

Besides using the above-mentioned method to check Jazz prepaid balance, you can also use the navigation menu to know your balance

  • Open your dial pad.
  • dial *444#
  • The option will appear.
  • Select my account
  • Another option list will appear
  • Select my package plan and balance 
  • Here you will be provided with a Jazz balance in your prepaid SIM along with other package information.

You can directly dial *444*6*2# to check the Jazz balance on a prepaid SIM.

How to use the Jazz WhatsApp service to Check your Balance?

 Jazz has introduced another tool the help consumers with any inquiry or resentment. You can activate data or social packages of your interest. You can also check your balance from this WhatsApp service. You must have installed WhatsApp to interact with the facility.

Jazz has introduced the 03003008000 WhatsApp number.

So how to check the balance through this number let’s begin with,

  • Send them hi
  • There will be an automated response by the company
  • Select option 4 to check your balance on the prepaid Jazz sim
  • They will send you your balance information in a while.

How to check Jazz balance through the World App? 

Jazz is offering a fabulous app named Jazz World app. Besides having a lot of other faculties for the transaction, bundle activation, and rewards, you can easily check your balance through this app. Here is a procedure to check balance through the app.

  • The very first step is to download the Jazz world app.

You can download it from the Play Store and Apple store depending on the type of your device.

  • Open the app
  • It will ask you to give your jazz number
  • An OTP will be sent to that number.
  • After confirmation, you will be logged into the app
  • Jazz balance will be displayed on the app screen.

Check Balance on Jazz Postpaid SIM:

How to check the balance on Jazz Postpaid Sim? 

Postpaid sim users have to pay their bill of packages at the end of the month. They have a different method from Jazz prepaid SIM to check Jazz balance through code.

How to check Jazz balance on Postpaid SIM through dialing code?

If you have a Jazz postpaid sim, you can check its balance. Keep following the guide to help you with this problem.

  • Open the dial pad on your phone

As postpaid users do not pay for every package they subscribe to daily, they receive a monthly bill at the end of the month. That’s why you can see the balance amount as well as another bill by dialing *1111#

How to Check Balance through WhatsApp for a Jazz postpaid SIM?

Through WhatsApp, you can also check the Jazz balance for postpaid SIM. You have to send a greeting message on their WhatsApp like Hi.

You can interact for any information with this WhatsApp number 0300 3008000 provided by Jazz. There will be a list of options for postpaid users, you have to select the option of balance checking. They will deliver information within a minute. 

How to check the balance on the World app for Postpaid Jazz SIM?

You can also check your Jazz balance on postpaid SIM by downloading the world app. Jazz postpaid users have to download the Jazz app. By logging in, you can check your balance and bills in this app.

This will be playing on the screen of the app.

How to get a loan on a jazz prepaid SIM?

You can recharge your Jazz prepaid SIM by getting a loan if you have not recharged your SIM. You can get a loan in case of any emergency

If you dial *112# on your dial pad you will receive 30 rupees as a loan.

You will also be informed by a confirmation message.

Standard tax will be applied to this loan.

You have to pay 8 rupees plus standard taxes on this loan.

You can repeat the same procedure to get another loan of 30 rupees before you recharge, including taxes.

How to get a loan on a jazz postpaid SIM?

You cannot get the loan on a postpaid sim according to Jazz policy.

You are only eligible to get a loan on a prepaid SIM registered with Jazz.


So this was all about how to check Jazz balance on prepaid SIM as well as postpaid SIM. Both have slightly different methods to check the balance on them but these are all methods and easy to use. You can check any of them for your information or you can call Jazz Customer Service Representatives.


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