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Best places in Pakistan to visit in 2022

Are you a traveler? Needs to decide whether to spend your holidays in some beautiful country. Well, I might have an answer!

Whether you want to visit the coldest place or any historical place, Pakistan is one of the few countries that has many beautiful as well as historical places. Some places are like that you want to spend your whole life there because those places scenes are just like WOW.

Visiting different places and countries will open your mind as well as your entire soul. Some scenes last forever and I’m pretty sure that Pakistan will last forever in your good memories because of its beautiful places.

Here are some of the amazing destinations to visit in Pakistan. Everyone has different tastes, whether in food or in places, but I’m pretty sure that every taste Pakistan has.

So don’t worry about your taste and pack your bag, book a ticket and start exploring Pakistan.

Beautiful Places in Pakistan at a glance

1. Swat Valley

This beautiful place you will find in the northwestern part of Pakistan with hundreds of lush green forests, uncountable lakes. Swat Valley has two records one is it is very beautiful like heaven and the second one is its most travel destination. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan to Visit. Swat is not only famous for beautiful places but also for a little bit of history. It is also famous for being the place where the last ruler of the Swat Kingdom, Miangul Jehanzeb installed his daughter as queen in 1947 after she was expelled from India.

2. Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is across Gilgit Baltistan it is home to the most scenic Rakaposhi Peak. Many people don’t know about Hunza Valley much but for those who want and love to climb rough mountains seeing different colors beautiful rocks and many beautiful lakes then what are you waiting for go and get a direct flight to Pakistan. You will not miss your home because valley peoples are cheerful and according to cultural richness they take too care of guests.

3. Mohenjo-daro

This archeological site in Sindh was once a bustling urban center and in that way, it submerged in the Indus River. For those who love history and want to see how people’s lives back then Mohenjo-Daro is the best place to visit. It was one of the largest cities in South Asia before it was abandoned some 4000 years ago. Mohenjo-Daro is best whenever you want to visit but there are some best times to visit April, August, and November in these months thousands of different people visit.

4. Derawar Fort

This place is situated in the Cholistan desert of Punjab and if we talk about this Square Fortress some specs like it has forty bastions, four gates, and a small mosque located at its center. Most people who love to see only beautiful places like lakes, lush trees for those who don’t much like Derawar Fort but who love history then Derawar Fort is your next stop.

5. Khewra Salt Mines

These ancient salt mines are located in Punjab. These salt mines were first discovered by Alexander’s troops over 2000 years ago but the thing I like it been in operation from then until the present day. They were first discovered by Alexander’s troops over 2000 years ago and have been operational up until the present day. The mine’s stats are impressive because it produces around nine million tons of salt annually, which is used mainly for industrial purposes and to melt snow on roads in the region.

6. Lal Suhanra National Park

This place is well fit for those who love to visit parks, see animals and different kinds of planets and many more. It is a beautiful park which is located in Bahawalpur and you’ll see a wide variety of flora and fauna. Lal Suhanra National Park is one of the largest Park in whole Asia. This park covers an area of square 885 meters, not only area-wise but it also attracts west peoples.

7. The Karakoram Highway

This beautiful Highway connects Pakistan and China with lots of range of different mountains. The Karakoram Highway is the best way to discover how long roads are beautiful. This Highway provides you the stunning views of mountains, roads, and rocks.

8. The Karakoram Range

This might mountain is located in Gilgit Baltistan like with its name is the same place as Karakoram Highway. This is famous for having the K2 the world second largest mountain in the world. This place is especially for mountains lovers who are anxious to see mountains touching the clouds.

9. The Indus River

The Indus River is the best tourist attraction place in Pakistan, it is the longest river that flows for over 1900 kilometers from the Himalayas to the Arabian Sea. On another hand, it has strong cultural history and also plays an important role in providing water to the whole of Pakistan. The Indus River is submerged with Mohenjo-Daro, it is a place that has more than 4000 years of history.

10. The Ziarat Valley

This beautiful valley is located in Balochistan and is home to the Ziarat Residency, a historical building that was once the summer residence of the British Governor of Balochistan. The valley is also surrounded by towering peaks and lush green forests. Another one of the most lovely places in Pakistan too must Visit is Ziarat Valley.

Final Thoughts:

These are just some of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. But this is no end, you will find more beautiful places in Pakistan when you start looking. Pakistan is a treasure of history, beautiful places, old culture, Pakistani Food, and many things more.

In short, if you want to visit stunning places with beautiful scenes then make sure Pakistan is on your priority list. Some places you like and some not, but enjoy beauty, not the material. Remember that.

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