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Education from School to University level in Pakistan (Step-by-Step) Guide

Education is important, we all know there are lots of countries providing you best quality education system. And if you are in Pakistan and recently shifted and don’t know about Education System in Pakistan. You’ll face many difficulties finding and researching the best way to start your education from 1st standard to University level.

Though you have to know first, the education system varies from province to province like Punjab has different education systems and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a different one.

Personally, I studied in Province Punjab, but I will try my best to give you the whole from other provinces of Pakistan as well. The first thing you need to focus on is to examine where are you living, try your best before moving to Pakistan that your house must have to situated in the city. Because in Pakistan, city education is easier than urban areas.

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But I don’t mean here that Urban Areas Education in Pakistan is not good, but according to surveys and many people opinions, cities education is still better than Urban areas.

City Education vs Urban areas Education in Pakistan:

Well in general by the name, you have to understand that City life is always best for the majority of people as well as city education is still better than Urban areas education in Pakistan.

Urban Education System:

You might wonder why, so first you need to understand that Urban areas are still developing like sewerage system, education system, lifestyle system its is different. But for a time if we forget about sewerage, lifestyle but we can’t neglect education in Urban Areas.

I’m not saying that village education isn’t best, it is best but though there are many issue government have to fix in comparison to city education.

Cities Education System:

If village man came to the city, they might notice some people arrogance, mistakes and miss their village life. Yeah, it happens with everyone but if we consider the city for the education then it’s just superb.

Because in the city you will get all types of education whether you want to study in ARTs, Science, Commerce, all types of fields options are easily available in Pakistan cities as compared to urban areas in Pakistan.

You’ll find many schools and colleges near you because hundreds of new schools building regularly in whole Pakistan, education is improving day by day.

Your Move:

Now you need to decide whether you want to live in Village or in Cities after your decision let’s look forward next steps of getting started in education.

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School Jounery Begin to Start

Started: Get Admission in First Class (Pakistan)

You need to find a school near you as near you want because some parents want their child to study near their houses. After finding a school, simply just go with your child and head over to the admission office and talk with Sir or Madam about admission.

You just a few documents for getting admission in school documents as B-form, Father or Mother ID, and fee as set by school but I want to tell you before setting fee structure first negotiate well. This pro tip will help you a lot in Pakistan!

After all of that, now your child is in school, here is some plus point for you around about all schools in Pakistan offers you to study from One Class to Eight Class. If you want your child to get education from one school 1 to 8th class then it is very and if no then choose next school.

After One to Eighth Class: Next Step

After passing one class to eighth class now time is to think about the 9th and 10th standards. In Pakistan, there is a saying that “9th and 10th is the starting point of real education”. For parents here you need to focus on your child because students can involve in many disturbing habits.

Many schools offer 9th and 10th class education, you need to get admissions from one school, and remember negotiation is key in Pakistan.

Some parents often also get admission to the extra academy which is good for students but some for not. Because some only want to learn their school work but some eager to learn extra academy work. It’s just your personal choice, here you need to decide.

Intermediate Education:

The biggest thing you need to understand intermediate education decides whether you go to university or not because Pakistani most universities only get students who passed intermediate with good marks.

For intermediate education, you need to get admission in college because after completing school now your next step is college because it gives you high education than matric. In college, you need to spend two years because in 11th and 12th classes you want to pass but remember with good marks.

After passing intermediate now is time you need to get admission to Pakistan’s best university. But before, select the proper course which suits your interest because the university is all about interest.

Unversity Education:

Now it’s time to get serious about your career before admission Remember it’s important to choose the best field which you like most whether it is Doctor, Engineering, or other.

Some best Universities in Pakistan:

  1. COMSATS University Islamabad
  2. Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
  3. University of the Punjab
  4. University of Agriculture Faisalabad
  5. The Aga Khan University

If you want to get a job in Pakistan, the only option for you is to get a good CPGA in universities total and then apply for a job In many cases they hired you but many do not.

After all of this above-listed procedure is followed, then you are able to tell another person that you are a well-educated person. This is Society.

The wrong thing happens when parents force their children to adopt a career that is liked by parents but not for students. As a result, students get stressed and involve in some diseases like stress, depression, and many dangerous diseases.

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