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The Main Problem of Pakistan Railways and What is the Solution?

The railway is an essential part of the modern Pakistani economy, and its problems are widespread. Many governments have blamed the NLC for the problems, but there is no single reason for the ongoing losses.

There is also a huge pension bill and a lack of funding. Even if the government can privatize the department, it must ensure that it will deliver quality services to the public. The private sector has proven that it is capable of implementing quality management practices.

The railways’ major income comes from freight services, and this segment is the most neglected. Unfortunately, the tracks are over-aged and the trains cannot maintain 120 km/h speeds in some sections. The quality of services is low, and passengers complain about the railway services. Though the quality management department claims to maintain standards, the Railways should benchmark itself against India or Japan to make sure that it meets international quality standards.


Another problem is the demoralization of the workforce. It is not a unique problem of Pakistan Railways; it is a widespread issue in all sectors of the economy. Employees at Pakistan Railways are lazy, bureaucratic, resistant to change, and earn low wages. They feel no sense of accountability, and this demotivation is directly related to the level of service delivery. The best and most efficient employees have to leave the service in order to stay afloat.

The biggest problem is the lack of funds. The railways are in dire straits and cannot cope with the financial crisis. The company’s finances are in the red, and the employees are suffering. As a result, employees are losing their jobs and the public is losing trust in the railways. In the meantime, the country is facing a severe political crisis. What is the main problem of Pakistan Railways, and what is the solution?

The Pakistan Railways are not financially sound. There are several problems with the quality of service. Its implementation of quality management is poor. Seventy percent of carriages are out of service. Locomotives are insufficient. The main issue is the lack of money. The railways have been ruined by political interference. The government’s leadership and the army generals control the entire country.

Political Interference in Railways

The new minister in charge of the railways has admitted that there is a serious crisis in the company. The implementation of quality management measures is not up to par. In some areas, there are even operational inefficiencies, but the management of the trains is inefficient. As a result, the train operators are failing to provide good service. The rail industry is in desperate need of restructuring. It has a deteriorating reputation.

In addition to the track issues, the railways also face insufficient funds. The NLC was formed in 1978 and started using trucks to transport freight. This was a major blow for Pakistan Railways, as they have to depend on freight to earn their money.

So, the NLC is giving the railways a major blow. The government should look for ways to improve their performance. Its board must be able to implement changes that would be in the best interests of the citizens.

The main problem of the railways in Pakistan is that the government is not investing in its infrastructure. The railways have been a major problem for decades. The infrastructure has been neglected for decades. The rails are muddied, and there is no human resources management in the system.

Moreover, the railroads are not able to compete with the National Logistics Cell in terms of freight. This is what is causing the problems in the system, and the government needs to do everything possible to save the organization.

Inflation, inefficiency, and poor infrastructure are the main causes for the decline of the railways. Inflationary pressures are reducing the purchasing power of the railways. The lack of adequate checks and balances is the reason for low-efficiency thresholds.

These issues are the main reasons for the poor state of the railways in Pakistan. The government must ensure that the services it offers to passengers are profitable.

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