An exigency operation to drain a levee at threat of collapse and submerging the Adelaide Hills city of Echunga continues this autumn, with Defence labor force now on buttress while some residers have been told they will be unfit to return home tonight.

According to Guardian, Roughly, 60 properties in the warning area after an intimately possessing dam’s wall show signs of structural failure.

David O’Shannessy, a spokesperson for the SA SES, said that the Echunga dam’s wall had been compromised due to a combination of conditions from recent wet weather, with the dam full and the ground sodden. He said there were 60 properties in the warning area.

Kylie Simpson, a senior constable with South Australian police, told ABC Radio 15 to 20 homes were in a high-risk situation.

One of the employees at the general store, Loma Sillsbury, told ABC Radio Adelaide that the mood in the town was “pretty sombre”. “A lot of people are very worried, a little panicked,” Sillsbury said. “Everyone is very worried. It is a very big dam.”

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