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How to create JazzCash Account (March 2022)

We all know that tech advancement makes our lives much easier than that, In the past sending or receiving money is a very tough process. You have to wait hours even days to receive money from your relative’s friends or family if you are at a distance.

But Now technology changes everything, you can receive the money within seconds through mobile accounts. There are many other mobile accounts like Upaisa, Easypaisa, but here we are discussing Jazz Cash. Personally to be honest I like the Jazz cash account more than any other, It’s more feature-rich.

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You don’t need any high-tech smartphone, All you need is a Keypad mobile and a Jazz Sim. You will also learn about the Jazz cash app further below. You can also register on any sim network.

Many non-techy people don’t know How to create a new JazzCash account, well this is not much technical, So anyway this guide will help you out. You have to follow all the steps listed below to create your new jazz cash account. Don’t miss any of the steps that are listed below.

How to Create JazzCash Account?

Opening a JazzCash account is really a very simple procedure, first Please get your mobile in your hand, Make sure your Jazz Sim card is active and running on the mobile phone. Make sure you are a Biometric-verified Jazz and Warid user to create a JazzCash account successfully.

1. Creating your JazzCash Account

Dial the following code with the help of a keypad *786#.

After dialing the code you will be asked to enter the CNIC Issuance date mentioned on the CNIC. For example, You have to enter data in this format

2. Setup your personal MPIN

After entering the Issuance date, you will be asked to Create a New 4-digit MPIN to secure your account.

Whenever you need to withdraw your money from the JazzCash account, you have to enter the PIN that you will create at the time of opening the jazz cash account.

You can also Use the Jazz Cash mobile app to create your new desired Pin. All transactions made from Mobile Account are secured with this MPIN.

Please Note don’t share your PIN with anyone else.

That’s it,

Now finally, enjoy the super fast transaction right away from your keypad mobile. Follow the above steps and You will create your account successfully without any struggle.

How to Deposit Money in your JazzCash Account?

Once you successfully register your mobile account, You can easily deposit money free of cost to your account from any Jazz Cash Agent. For your knowledge, You will find a JazzCash agent from any mobile load shop (A big board of JazzCash, you will see on the front of every jazz cast agent shop).

You can also locate the nearest Agent by sending a Message, just write ‘B’ in an SMS and send it to 2179 (It’s free), or you can also dial *786*0*1#.

If you already have a bank account, You can instantly transfer money to your jazz cash through your bank account if you have an online Banking Facility or through any ATM. When you are sending money from your bank account select ‘Mobilink Microfinance Bank’ as the receiver bank and use your Mobile number as the account number.

No matter by which method you deposit money in your jazz cash account you will receive the money instantly, after depositing any money you will receive a confirmation message from 8558.

What is JazzCash Mobile App?

If you have an Android device, You can install the JazzCash App from the play store. It’s the largest trusted mobile wallet with millions of Pakistanis. You can use the JazzCash app and

JazzCash is Pakistan’s largest mobile wallet trusted by millions of Pakistanis. With the help of the JazzCash app, one can experience seamless payments, transfer money to anyone anywhere, pay utility bills, recharge your mobile balance, subscribe to mobile packages, and much more. Experience the app without any annoyance.

Transactions Limits of JazzCash Mobile Account 

Account LevelDaily CreditDaily DebitMonthly Credit & DebitYearly Credit & DebitMax Balance
Level 025,00025,00050,000200,000200,000
Level 150,00050,000200,0001,200,0001,200,000
Level 2400,000400,000500,0006,000,0001,500,000
JazzCash Limits regarding your account level

You can upgrade your Account limit by visiting the nearest JAzz cash agent shop Or Jazz Franchise.

How to open JazzCash Account on any Network (Zong, Ufone, Telenor)?

So Users with Jazz Sim can self-register mobile accounts with a keypad mobile, but in case if you have any other sim and you want to create a JazzCash account on it read this paragraph.

There are, mainly two options, First one is Other network customers need Biometric verification by visiting the nearest JazzCash Agents, Jazz Franchise, Or the second option that’s easy, comfortable, and time-saving, Download the Jazz Cash Mobile App and self-register jazz account from your home. Also, other network customers can create their MPIN through JazzCash Mobile App.

How To Change your Jazz cash pin (In case you forget)?

Many people have a forgetting problem (hahaha) but don’t worry JazzCash has a very simple process to reset your MPIN in case you forget. So how you can Create a New Jazz Cash in if case you forget.

If you are using the app, simply click on “Forget MPIN”, right after you have to enter your CNIC number & Date of Birth, after that, you will receive a 4-DiGit temporary MPIN, which you can use for creating a new MPIN.

The second method is you can also call 051-111-124-444 to reset your MPIN. Also, there is one last method that I love most, just simply dial *786*6*1*2# and reset your MPIN.

How to earn Money with Jazz Cash? (Bonus*)

Yes, it’s true you can make money with your JazzCash Account. You can win a guaranteed cash reward of up to 120rs for every friend you invite to JazzCash Mobile Account through *786# and If you invite your friend through JazzCash mobile App. you will get 50rs.

Get 20RS instantly per friend who registered on your invitation through *786#. After you will send an invitation to your friend or any relative this will be credited to your account as soon as your invitation got accepted.

Also, you can get an additional reward, if your friend performs a transaction through the JazzCash mobile account. 30 Rs per friend through *786# and 50 per friend through Mobile APP.

According to Jazz Cash *Additional reward is only valid on invitations sent through *786#.

To take full advantage of this offer, start inviting your all friends now.q

Final Thoughts:

I hope you will successfully get the answer to the question of how to create a JazzCash account. Digital Account makes your life easier, I suggest you check out Jazz Cash. It’s super easy, feature-rich, and also trusted.

You can also use its mobile app available on the play store and if you don’t have a feature-rich smartphone you can also use it through a keypad phone. One of the major benefits of all mobile accounts is you can make transactions without any big fees. I am really very inspired by the mobile account because it saves your huge golden time.

The main benefit is you can with Jazz cash get some extra MBs and access some of the best Pakistani TV Channels, your benefits are from two sides.

If you find this piece helpful, Please don’t forget to provide your positive feedback in the comment section below.

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