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How to Check Ufone Balance? (Your Complete Guide of 2022)

Ufone is working on the facilitation of the customers. It is one of the telecommunication companies founded by Pakistan.

Whether you have to recharge your phone or you have to make a call, you must know your SIM balance. To know your sim balance, here is this piece of writing. You get to know how to check your Ufone balance on your SIM.

There are listed some different methods to check the Ufone balance. You can use one of them according to your ease.

If you have a Ufone SIM and want to know your SIM balance, here is a complete description.

There are some popular ways to check the balance on your Ufone SIM. You can use one of them.

Checking Ufone balance through a USSD code:

A very simple way is to check your balance through a code given by Ufone. You will be able to know your balance details

Ufone balance checking code for prepaid users:

Just follow these instructions.

  •  Unlock your phone
  • Open your dial pad
  • Dial *124#, submit and wait a while
  • You will receive the balance details in a few seconds.

You will be pleased to know that it deducts only a  negligible amount from your balance on the balance inquiry. You are only charged 0.12 rupees with standard tax applied. You can use this method for only prepaid sim users.

Postpaid Ufone balance checking code;

  • How to check the balance on a postpaid Ufone SIM? 
  • You have to dial *129# on your dial-pad 
  • Submit the request
  • you will get a description of the message containing your SIM balance.

How to check the Ufone balance through the Navigation menu?

Another method to check balance is navigating Manu. You can also check your balance through this code besides other services. Follow the steps below

  • Open your dial pad
  • You have to dial *336# on your dial-pad
  • A list of options will appear.
  • dial the number having the option to check your balance
  • Submit the request
  • You will receive a description containing your balance.

Checking Ufone balance through the app?

You can also use this method to check your Ufone balance through an app that is introduced by Ufone itself. Besides performing several facilities you can also check your balance. It doesn’t matter if you are an iOS or android user, you can check your balance.

  • Download the Ufone app.

If you are an android user you can go to the play store and then download an application named as Ufone app. If you are an iPhone user you can go to the apple store to download the app.

  • After downloading the application you have to do some procedures to help you sign in to the app. It will automatically guide you.
  •  If you are using this app for the first time you have to sign up. You have to add your number, email address, CNIC, and password. Then you are about to sign up. Follow the instructions provided by the app. After that, you will get logged in.
  • On the other hand, if you are registered with the app you just add your number and password. You will be logged in. 
  • The screen will be displaying information about your sim balance.

You can only check your balance through the app if your device is properly connected to the internet. Poor internet connection will make you fail to check your balance.

Make voice calls to check your Ufone balance:

if you want to check your balance with your phone call service offered by Ufone.

Follow these instructions given below

  • You have to dial 333 from your Ufone sim
  • Talk to a Ufone customer service representative.
  • They will ask about your inquiry.
  • Then submit the request of balance inquiry.
  • They will Gilmour the balance information.

Here lies another method if you want to check your balance on your phone from another network. 

  • Dial a number 051-333-000-100 from any number if you want to talk to Ufone customer representatives.
  • Inquire about Ufone balance
  • They will ask for some details, provide them.
  • Ufone customer service will provide you necessary details of your Ufone balance.

How to check your phone data balance?

In case of data balance inquiry, you have to dial *786* from your phone. This will help you to know data balance information. You can also check through about procedure mentioned in Ufone app if you want to know your data balance.

How to check Upaisa balance?

Like a bank account, Ufone has introduced a mobile bank app. It looks like a bank account app. You can perform all the functions which are provided in any bank account app. You can make transactions, you can get and share balance, you can pay bills of electricity or gas, etc.

You can dial *786*6*1# 

You will be delivered with the balance information in your Upaisa account.

You can also download it from the Apple store and play store for iOS users and Android users respectively.

Log in or register,

Upaisa amount will be displayed on the screen.

How to get a Ufone advance loan?

Whether you have to call in an emergency or you are stuck at some place or you want to call your dear, you are facilitated to get an advance loan balance from Ufone service

  • You have to dial *456# from your phone dial pad.
  • You will get a loan which will be confirmed when you receive an SMS.
  • Now you can make a call with your loved ones.

How to share the Ufone balance?

If you want to share balance with your loved ones, you have the facility to do that. You are provided with this facility by Ufone service. You have to perform a very simple method to share the Ufone balance

  • You have to unlock your phone
  •  Dial *828# 
  • You have to dial * recipient number to which you want to share balance, dial *  amount and #. It will look like 
  • *9233…*amount #

Your balance will be shared with that number.

Another method to share the balance is to Dial *828* before the recipient number and then the amount and #. It will automatically share your balance with your loved ones.


This was all about how to check the Ufone balance. Here were all the questions related to Ufone balance. You can check balance through various methods like using code or an app. You can also check your Upaisa balance or data balance. You can get a Ufone loan in case of an emergency.


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