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How to Check Telenor Number? (Updated 2022 Guide)

It has become very important to have a cell phone and buying a sim for your phone is another critical thing. What should be done if you have an old same but you have forgotten its number? There might be a chance that you are not using your number for many months or even years.

You might have a lot of numbers of your loved ones. Now you want to make contact with them. But unfortunately, whether your SIM is not recharged to make a call or you want to learn the number by yourself. Don’t worry we will help you to trace that number. There is a complete guide to checking the Telenor number of your old SIM, which you have forgotten.

There are methods like you can call, or text message to know your old number but we will provide you with more authentic information.

How to check Telenor numbers through SMS?

These codes are often provided by Telenor Customer Service.

You are provided with facilities by the Telenor customer service to help you in a situation like this. With this method, you might be able to check your sim number. You have to follow these instructions to help you know your forgotten number. Follow the guide below.

  • You have to unlock your phone
  • Then open Messaging app
  • Go and click new message or there will be a + option, click on +
  •  Write 7421 in the receiver box,
  • You have to leave the content of the message blank or empty.
  • Then send it to 7421
  • After that, you will receive your Telenor number through which you have sent the message.

Some standard taxes are applied to this message. This means you can not send a message if your number is not recharged or you will be troubled if your sim is not credited with balance. 

How to check the Telenor number through a call?

Call 7421:

If you are frustrated because you have forgotten your Telenor number, you can make a call if you were unable to send a message to know your number. Call 7421. You will receive a message after a while containing content having your Telenor SIM number.

Call your near one:

Making a call to your dear one is another most used method. In this way, you call a friend or family member. Ask him or her to text back the number from which you called. He/she will send you that number. In this way, you can learn your number. In any case, if your number is out of balance you will not be able to call your friends. You will have to devise some other technique. If you want to read those techniques, keep on reading.

Where to check the Telenor number through the Telenor app?

You will be pleased to know that the Telenor app will help you to get access to your number. You will be relaxed to know that you can get your Telenor number by using this method.

Just stay with this article to get your problem resolved. 

  • You have to go to Play Store or Apple Store to download my Telenor app
  • Tap on start
  • You can get access to your number which will appear on the screen.

If your device is not connected to the internet or Wi-Fi, you can’t download this app on your phone to get access to the Telenor number.

How to check the Telenor numbers through the Telenor website?

This might be a complex method. You can talk with a representative of Telenor customer care. They can give you information about certain queries related to your number as well. First of all, you have to connect your device to the internet. Then visit Telenor’s official website. You have to converse with the Telenor customer care representative. He will ask CNIC and name etc. Including some other information. You have to give that all information. Then he can give access to your Telenor number which you have forgotten.

How to check the Telenor number through the Call center? 

Have you tried all the above methods? These must have helped you a lot. But if you are looking for some other techniques, we will provide you with them. Another method to learn about your Telenor number is to make a call to 345 at the Telenor call center. You have to follow those instructions which he asks you to follow. You have to provide some information which he demands. Then he will confirm your forgotten Telenor number.


Here we discussed “how to check the Telenor number on your SIM”. Some are easy to use but in some methods, you need an internet connection. You can send a message or make a call to the Telenor Help center. They will try to resolve your issue at once.


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