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From Candle to Digital Era Culture? Personal Opinions 2022

No doubt, Technology helps us to improve our lifestyle in many ways. Like we are discussing today how digital light in the aspect of life improve so much that we can’t even think about what will I do when “light goes off”.

Light plays an important role whether in work life or in comfortable lifestyle but do you think sometimes that if the light is not available on the planet? Then what happened.?

Just think that you don’t have light, don’t have laptop or mobile what will you do, to time pass the whole day. So that’s why appreciate your grandfather and mother because what they face we can’t even imagine without light.

Many studies are already published on this topic that how and why light is necessary and not for this time and in past. But this article is completely based on my personal opinion.

Here also question born that is modern technology disruptive? because think in this way that with light we can use mobile and mobile grab all your attention and because of that you don’t give time to your family.

Candle Light Era:

According to my father; in our times like 1976 or even in the 2000s in some Asian rural countries or cities we can’t even think the term “Light” exists.

He also said, we have only laptops at that time and the main we have only one lamp in our entire house. If someone wants to study in a separate room then the entire family has to sit in darkness.

Here imagine if this would happen to us? Frankly, we can’t bear this. Anyhow, this is just an example if you ask from your mom and dad, I hope the story will be different but in terms of light will be the same.

My father’s Takeaways on Today Light; He said that it change altogether. the availability of light is like water nowadays but an exception is always there. He also explained to me the creation of smartphones brings more light availability. Almost every student, man, and woman have a mobile and they can’t even worry about that light will go or not. Because light is freely available in today’s people’s pockets.

In Reality;

If I don’t talk personally then according to the masses, a lot of people face the same problem as my father did. Well, it’s not a problem it’s like at that time availability of light is not as much as today.

From Candle to Digital Era Culture? Is technology disruptive 2022
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Most people don’t get head to whether light is available or not they have only one focus which is gardening, growing different crops, and selling in the market.

If we focus on needs then at that time there’s no essential need for light because no one wants to use the computer, charge mobile and watch TV.

My experience of Candle Era VS Today Tech Era:

From Candle to Digital Era Culture? Is technology disruptive 2022

To be honest I personally don’t face any light availability problem in my childhood a little bit as I grow up the availability of light increased day by day and now today without light I was like I don’t have a soul.

Yeah, that’s true. Because we’re living the informational age, whatever you want to know it’s just a finger way. What I mean here is you have “Google” whatever you type you will see billions of web pages providing you the answer to your only question. And if we compare this time to the time of 19’s, in 19’s peoples don’t have many resources to acquire this type of knowledge that we today.

Things without we feel lonely:

According to the young generation, social media, the internet, also for example SWAG is the only thing if you maintain the status in your friend circle. But the thing is wrong when they start too much thinking to follow bragging needs and many more. We can use the power of the Internet or Social Media for our benefit like to educate youth with better and understandable content while some people spread hate which is not great.

New inventions like laptops, smartphones, or even foldable smartphone packs with 5G technology, availability of internet including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Google but also increased range of new gadgets and more.

From Candle to Digital Era Culture? Is technology disruptive 2022

The laptop is great for students, for professionals, and also for entertainment purposes but it’s not great when some people use it for some illegal activities.

The Smartphone is great but only for those who know what’s best for them because smartphones indulge your all attention, a student has to be aware of the usage of smartphones. While smartphones are also common the light with the Flash Light feature, light is a free and anytime available thing in almost all person’s pockets.

Light is still not available:

I did notice that in some cities or even in countries light availability is still a problem that can be solved easily if the government would focus. If we take an example of some cities in Africa, they could barely get light only because of lack of attention of government officials towards country or city improvements.

How can cities improve the light system? The main role of improving the light system needs to be played by the government without government support a person can’t even manage the whole city light. With the help of engineers and the money of the government, light availability can be improved drastically in every city in the world.

Sneak Peak of Pakistan Light System:

Well, to be honest, the Pakistani light system is improved in the past two to three years so rapidly that people can’t even think. Because in 2015 to 2017, the Pakistani public face many difficulties related to light availability. No doubt, Pakistan is a developing country, it’s still developing some of the main factors to increase economic growth.

Though Imran Khan is focusing on technology a well as politics. But today technology era changed the globe altogether.

In short, we’re living in the tech era, for which we should be thankful.

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