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Best Schools in Sheikhupura for quality education (2022)

Best Schools in Sheikhupura that focus on more Quality Education.

One cannot deny the power of education because a wise know Education or you can Knowledge is power. But sometimes a person cannot afford the education, it is very expensive. Nowadays, many schools are called themselves a school of West Education.

We are discussing the schools which are in Pakistan because in Pakistan education is still improving and many schools in Pakistan are doing their best to provide quality education.

There are many best schools in Pakistan but when we talk about a particular city like Lahore, Karachi many schools are best. In the sub-city of Lahore in Sheikhupura, many schools are best but many people don’t know about schools’ location, study environments, and even schools’ names.

Here I compiled some of the best schools in Sheikhupura which are very popular in Sheikhupura but these are still hidden gems. Whether we talk about the authenticity of schools or the environment for your child all these below-listed schools are best according to your needs.

Overview of Sheikhupura:

Why does Sheikhupura is matter? Good question, Shekhupura is the main and popular city that has a connection with Lahore for about 40 minutes. In Sheikhupura, there are many historical roots like Sheikhupurahas Hiran Minar which was made by Mogal Emperor, and Shahi Fort which was also made by Mogal Emperor. Many times Sheikhupura is in the headlines on many popular TV channels but for instance, Sheikhupura is like the heart connection of Lahore city.

Best Schools in Sheikhupura in 2022

So let’s start the list;

1. Government Furqan Shaheed School in Sheikhupura – best school for free and Quality education

In its name, this school is made and managed by the Government, and all budgets and systems of studies like books, uniforms, and all facilities are provided by the Government of Pakistan. We can say this school is best for families who cannot afford the nowadays education.

We all know education is expensive but in government schools, even a poor child can read and get a quality education. Now many people think according to their pre-built mentality that government sectors schools don’t provide the quality education then please note that the children who study in government schools get even best grades as compared to private schools.

Location of this Furqand Shaheed School:

This school is situated near the Shiekhupura Stadium and in front of main Jinnah Park where all the Rikshawa is standing.

Things I liked about this school:

  • Quality Education
  • Free Books, No more fees

Things I don’t like about this school:

  • Some students are not best because of their bad habits

2. Sir Sayed School in Sheikhupura – best school if you love Sir Sayed

This school is representing the most beloved leader of Pakistan who makes people mentality that all people are the same and anyone gets their quality education. So in the remembrance of the great Sir Sayed, this school is made and you will see in the notice board that how many students are in number 1 position in the whole city of Sheikhupura.

As Furqan Shaheed this school is also managed by Pakistan Government means here you can also get an education with little to the little amount of money because this school gives you free books and all facilities which are necessary for any regular student. Many students don’t like this school because in their basic nature they want to study in the private sector school.

Location of Sir Sayed School:

This school is situated near the Allied Bank street of Sarwar Shaheed Road.

Things I Liked about Sir Sayed School:

  • Affiliated with Pakistan Government
  • Focus on the student Weakness
  • Many Students gets very good grades

The thing I don’t like:

  • Maybe not best for everyone

3. Beaconhouse School System in Sheikhupura: the best school with popularity

Beaconhouse is one of the best and popular school system all over Pakistan but if we talk about Shekihupura there’s also a branch of beaconhouse in Sheikhupura which provide all the facilities to student to get quality education and achieve their goals.

Beaconhouse school system is best for 1 to 8th class students because the environment the beaconhouse has is best and represents the children. If you want to get admission then you can go to the office or also you can apply in the comfort of your home on the beaconhouse website. This is the best private school system in Sheikhupura for those who can invest money in their children’s quality education.

Location of Beaconhouse:

There is only one branch in Sheikhupura which is located near Hiran Minar Road.

Things I liked about Beaconhouse:

  • Quality education
  • The best environment for your child

Things I don’t like:

  • Very expensive

4. Dawn Public School in Sheikhupura: the best school for friendly education

I personally passed my matriculation from Dawn Public school and according to my biased view, I enjoyed as well as studied well in this school because all teachers in this school teach you your complete syllabus in the best friendly way.

This school system is still developing but in its developing stage, it still provides you the quality education in Sheikhupura. If you want to apply for admission then you need to visit the admin office because this school doesn’t have a website. But in this school, you will have to buy books by yourself, a uniform because this is a private school and you need to bear all expenses.

Location of Dawn Public School:

This school is located in Ghang Road Street number four.

Things I liked about Dawn School:

  • Friendly nature teachers
  • Help you to achieve your desired grades

Things I don’t like:

  • Basically, I studied in this school and I notice no problem.

5. National Model School in Sheikhupura: the best for your child

The National Model School System is no doubt the best school for your child from one to tenth class. But the thing is to need to notice here is that this school has many branches all over Pakistan, I suggest for those people who don’t have enough money to spend on their child education get admission to any government school because this school is very expensive.

Location of National Model:

This school is located in Nabi Pura near Hiran Minar Road.

Things I liked about National Model:

  • Best school for your children
  • Help you to achieve good grades

Things I don’t like:

  • Very expensive

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