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Best places in Sheikhupura to visit for entertainment 2022

Want to know about some best places in Sheikhupura?

Well, traveling is personally I like most because it gives you insights of a different culture that how they live, spend their time and how families of different culture meet together on a special occasion.

And if talk about mind how mind behave when you visit a new place then according to science mind expand with new experiences when you see new thing. In Sheikhupura there are not many places to visit but have some which are worth considering in your visit list because Sheikhupura is attached to Lahore closely and very important for any traveler to visit.

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When you visit Sheikhupura you will see many things like diverse cultures, many different greenery farms, and more. Historical places are the best for almost all travelers because it gives you thoughts of how your forefathers lived and the diverse culture of thousands of year back. Here I compiled some of the best places in Sheikhupura to visit if you are a traveler or want to refresh your mind with new experiences.

Best Places in Sheikhupura at a glance

1. Hiran Minar in Sheikhupura – nothing to show off but one of the best historical place to visit in Sheikhupura

No doubt, Mughal Empire has many historical places all over Pakistan but one can not deny the importance of Hiran Minar when we talk about any historical place. In Hiran Minar, you will many things which describe the mentality of the ruler of the Mughal Empire because at that time successor of Humayun, Akbar held the power after Humayun and many people say Akbar always do politics whether to marry with Hindu.

Let me ask you a question, if you adopt the dog or any other animal which you loved most, after the death of your loved animal would you build the entire building in remembrance of your adopted animal. Many people will ask here if they had enough they will but most of the cases people don’t do this even they have enough money to spend. 

Anyhow, Hiran Minar is a great place where you start your traveling journey if you lived in Sheikhupura, Pakistan because Hiran Minar is not only for the historical purpose here a whole family visits regularly because in Hiran Minar there are different vendors who sell eatable goods even one good entire restaurant for the family for lunch or dinner purpose.

The best thing for water or lake lover is here you can also find the lake where you can take a ride on boats, this thing is most fascinating for some people but not for everyone. In Hiran Minar, also shoot some scene which is used in Pakistan movie the worst thing is I can’t remember movie name.

Best things to look for:

  • Eat-in Restaurants
  • Take rides on boats
  • Visit the tomb of deer

2. Sheikhupura Fort – gives you the historical goosebumps but outside view is better

Sheikhupura fort has many roots in historical events most people know it was made by Jahangir because of a hunting trip to Hiran Minar but they don’t know at this time that this fort become very popular in this time of era. Young generations see this type of fort-like thinking about how and why they built this huge fort just for a hunting trip to Hiran Minar.

This type of place is best for those who have a keen interest in History or Historical events because this type of place is best for entertainment as well as gives you thoughts of how forefathers are live in past centuries.

The sad thing is this is not open for tourists know because according to management this fort is very weak to handle tourists but many young people suggest that why not build this fort as they built Hiran Minar if government outs eye on this historical place they need to re-built Sheikhupura fort for tourist.

Now many people say that, if this fort is not open for tourism then how can we embrace the beauty of this fort though this fort is not open you can see some things from outside view. We can only appeal that government should reconstruct this Shahi Fort for tourists.

Best Things to look for:

  • Outside View
  • Taking pictures

3. Stadium Joyland Sheikhupura – best way to refresh your mind with your family and friends

The stadium is one of the most popular places in Sheikhupura for entertainment because here you will find the best tools for any kid like horse riding, experiencing different cars riding, sky wheel, and many more on the list for entertainment purposes. In the stadium, you will find many different vendors that sell different eatable goods for some reason they may charge a high amount of money as compared to other vendors.

In Joyland different kinds of things available for kids or even if you are adult than the also big type of wheels are available. Joyland provides you with the best eatable things as well as refreshing your mood. If we talk about the whole stadium then you will find many shops, some are restaurants type, and some are computer shops where you can find any type of computer or tech-related gadgets.

You are planning to visit the stadium with your family then I will suggest you only go to Joyland because if you see the whole stadium with your family then it is very disturbing for you also for others because many rickshaws and motorbikes are running on the field. Once Imran Khan also comes to Sheikhupura you know where he lands his helicopter surely in Stadium, now with this example hope you will see how big the stadium is.

This place is also very best for your kids because here all type of facilities for your kid is available like Pakistani food for kids, milk, different toys in the stadium, and many more.

Best things to look for:

  • Best place for entertainment
  • Many shops to buy things
  • Toys for Kids

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