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Best Pakistani TV Channels: top TV channels in 2022

Pakistan has some of the best Pakistani TV Channels, which are the best source for your entertainment, and to release some whole day stress.

Pakistan has very beautiful places to visit but also has good journalism, the best entertainment channels, and independent news channels. Pakistan does not have thousands of popular TV channels but they numerous TV channels which are very popular in Pakistan and in India also.

Talking about every channel in deep is not possible in this article but we will cover all major points which describe all the pros and cons of all below-listed channels.

Some food channels are also popular that are showing the Pakistani food culture which attracts more tourists to Pakistan especially to taste Pakistani food.

Here I compiled some of the top 6 best Pakistani TV Channels which are the best source that you can easily depend on.

Best Pakistani TV Channels at a glance

1. Geo TV – best Pakistani TV Channels Network

Geo TV is one of the most popular and at top of our list because Geo TV is serving around about a decade but in this decade Geo TV gain so much popularity and trust in the audience. But the main thing that needs to notice is that GEO TV has many other channels like Entertainment, News, and many more on the list. GEO TV is managed and Owned by Jang Media Group. GEO TV provides the best journalism in Pakistan but in meanwhile time many court lawsuits filed against GEO TV for reporting some of the unbiased news about politicians.

Things I like about GEO TV:

  • GEO TV provide authentic and fresh news
  • Journalism on the Go

2. PTV Home – best channel since 1964 in news, entertainment and morning shows

PTV Home is the most trusted channel because this channel is directly managed by Pakistan Government. PTV Home provides users with many different categories of content from entertainment to news sources and from Islamic education to global sources. PTV is famous but even more after Prime Minister Imran Khan suggests PTV to dubbed Ertugurl Ghazi in Urdu language and after that PTV is like from zero to hero.

PTV has a great list of channels few are AJK TV, PTV Bolan, PTV Global, PTV National HD, PTV News HD, PTV Parliament, PTV Sports HD, PTV Teleschool, and at last PTV World.

Things I like about PTV:

  • Authentic Source
  • Long service since 1964.

You are the person who doesn’t like media channels, fake news but on other hand, you loved to watch different dramas especially you prefer Pakistani TV Dramas. Then HUM TV must be on your watching list because HUM TV is the only best entertainment source in Pakistan which has the best kind of dramas genre. Entertainment is the only content which we can’t compromise because after working the whole day we have to spend time watching some best dramas for releasing our stress.

It has some of the other channels which are completely different from HUM TV, here are sisters channels of HUM TV Style 360, Hum Masala, Hum Sitaray, Hum News, Hum Europe, and Hum Pashto for Afghan people.

Things I like about HUM TV:

  • The main thing is it produced some of the masterpieces of dramas like Parizaad and many on the list.
  • Different content available

4. ARY Digital – best source for Pakistani dramas

ARY Digital is an entertainment category channel that produced some of the best dramas, not only dramas ARY’s whole network spread like a wire in Pakistan. ARY also has a news channel but ARY Digital is the main focus of the Pakistan public because it produces some of the best shows like Jeeto Pakistan by Fahad Mustafa and many more.

It is available on almost every cable and if you put dish antenna then you can get all others  ARY channels. Little bit off-topic, ARY News is doing a great job in increasing the authority of Pakistan in the journalism field. ARY Digital produced some of the best dramas like Sinf-e-Aahan popular right now, Berukhi, Neeli Zinda Hai, Bulbulay the greatest season of all time according to me.

Things I like about ARY Digital:

  • Most famous dramas on the list
  • Great source of binge watch

5. Samaa TV – the best source for daily News dose

Here, I’m listing Samaa TV in spot 5 of the list of best Pakistani TV Channels because Samaa TV is the best source of news, not only for news but for authentic and checked quality news. Listing on spot 5 is not mean that Samaa is not popular in Pakistan, it’s so popular that some politicians are very angry with Samaa news because Samaa lists some of the news which is against politicians.

If we talk about the shows Samaa has, then some shows are so popular that people have genuine emotion of some samaa shows like Agenda 360, Awam Ki Awaz, Naya din, and many more on the list. Samaa made many achor person famous like Nadeem Malik, Imran Riaz Khan, Aftab Iqbal, Paras Jahanzaib,. Kiran Naz, Sawera Pasha, Sohaib Alvi, and Bilal Qutub.

Things I like about Samaa News:

  • They raise voices for child harassment
  • The best show hosted by Kiran Naz and Nadeem Malik

6. Harpal Geo TV – the versatile channel for Pakistani dramas

As I mentioned above GEO TV is the best source for your daily Pakistani as well as world news dose. GEO TV has a variety of different channels providing different content so here is also Harpal GEO TV Network which provides the best Pakistani dramas that you must watch because some of them are too good.

Harpal Geo is very famous in especially for house-worker women because according to numbers women in Pakistan watch more dramas than men in Pakistan. It has some of the best dramas like Rang Mahal, Khaani, Deewangi, Mera Rab Waris, Dil-e-Momin, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Kahin Deep Jalay, and Kasa-e-Dil.

Things I like about Harpal GEO:

  • Strong Sisters Networks
  • Best Dramas in the portfolio


These are the best Pakistani Tv Channels that are very popular in terms of trust, quality, and transparency.

The list does not end we only find these best channels if you notice you might have the best channel in your point of view then please comment us so that we can add your suggestion to our best channels in the Pakistan list.

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