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Best Business Ideas in Pakistan (Updated 2022)

You’re living in Pakistan or a foreigner and want to know about Pakistani people’s mentality about business or know how many best business ideas in Pakistan that best fit for you. Well, Pakistan is not a place where most people want to be a businessman but from time to time mentality is changing and many young people are eager to start their business from scratch.

Pakistan is also the best place to visit but for business, lots of things are still developing.

There are many business ideas that are very popular in Pakistan but as you know popular thing is very competitive and that’s why in this Pakistan Draft article, we are listing some of the best ideas which are popular but not so competitive.

Some of the below-listed businesses require no investment but some businesses require investment but less than you think.

As the whole world is adopting new technology, so some of the businesses are also related to the online industry. The main thing to remember is you have to be patient because the business requires a lot of effort and consistency in one focus direction.

I hope we clear the all points related to starting a business so here I compiled some of the top eight business ideas that you can easily start in Pakistan and also expand to a big level industry.

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan to try in 2022

1. Freelancing

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan
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As mentioned above, technology is expanding and we have to adopt instead of thinking and fearing about this latest tech. Freelancing is one of the most popular businesses or you can say an online business that you can easily try without any investment. According to a study in 2018, Pakistan freelancers earn about 1 billion dollars from just providing services indirectly Pakistan younger freelance contributing largest portion in the economy.

India is already in the top game of freelancing but Pakistan is also growing fast according to me Pakistan will be on top in the freelancing business in 2023.

Want to learn about Freelancing:

Hisham Sarwar is one of the top freelancers in Pakistan and visits its youtube channel here.

How much Investment in Freelancing?

You need a laptop or desktop computer if you want to do business professionally anyhow you can also get benefit from your smartphone for just starting, after that you must have to buy a laptop to expand.

2. Poultry Farming

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan
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Poultry farming is a famous business among the urban areas people but not only that some agriculture student also starts farming in large number. It is one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. Poultry is like you buy some hens feed them, grow them and sell in profit to a chicken shop, and export meat to other countries as well. Farming requires lots of effort but the effort pays you big money.

Want to learn about Poultry Farming:

Poultry Farming is very popular in villages but you can also get some theoretical knowledge from youtube but I prefer to visit some poultry farms and see how they are working.

How much investment in Poultry Farming?

You can start from as little as you want from 1000 rupees to 10,000 is the best budget to start and learn.

3. Amazon Virtual Assistant

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan
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Amazon Virtual Assistant is the business for those who want to build their career in computers because VA is an emerging business in Pakistan. Many Pakistan successful VA’s and FBA businessman started their online coaching like Enablers is one of the best places where you can learn about amazon VA. Many young people are doing VA in Pakistan and earning handsome amounts somewhere between 1 lakh to 10 Lakh per month, note you can also expand this.

Want to Learn about VA:

Enablers are one of the best places where you can easily learn about how, why VA is working you can visit here.

How much investment in VA?

The investment is you have to buy a laptop it is mandatory, and if you’re deciding to learn from enablers then you have to pay a course fee but you can also learn for free on YouTube.

4. YouTuber

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YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. At first, it is uncertain that a person can pursue Youtube as a carer but from 2017 to 2021 YouTube prove that a person can start their career in Youtube and grow as big they want. Some of the most popular YouTubers like MrBeast, Mark Robber, and many others are earning millions from YouTube.

Want to Learn about YouTube:

There’s a lot of channels about how to start a youtube channel you just type “start youtube channel” on youtube you will find tons of video.

How much Investment is in Youtube?

At the start, you don’t need to buy a DSLR camera, high-end lighting you can just start from your smartphone and start uploading videos on YouTube.

5. Grocery Store

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan
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Opening a Grocery store (Karyana Store) is a common business in Pakistan but you want to be creative and smart in this business. Because of profit in this business like a hundred rupees after selling a while box. The grocery store is in all corners of Pakistan but as I said you need to be smart and open your store in less populated stores places. When you start growing this business then I advise you to open branches of your store in some other places.

Want to learn about Grocery stores:

You need to visit and observe how other stores are running or start your own for learning with low investment.

How much investment is in Grocery stores?

You need somewhere between 50K to 100K for opening a Grocery store.

6. Consultancy Agency

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Consultancy is a broad topic in short is, start your agency for a consultancy like abroad consultancy, SEO, education and many more types are in this business you can start. Here you need some professional skills in a particular field.

Want to learn about Consultancy Agency:

You need to get a professional degree in one field which you like and start your business this is how you can learn about this.

How much investment is in a Consultancy agency?

Here you need a handsome investment like renting a physical office, employees, bills, and more. Consultancy is like “More Money, More Advertisement, and More Revenue.”

7. Start your Academy or School

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Want to be a teacher? Here is the best business idea in Pakistan that will fit you, because starting a school requires lots of work, for instance, you will also earn handsome money at the end of the month. You can also start from your own home and start teaching and slowly you can expand this to school.

Want to learn about this?

You have to earn a degree in a particular subject and start teaching.

How much investment in a Teaching Career?

You can start this business with less amount of money, you can start teaching in your own house comfort.

8. Dairy Business

Best Business Ideas in Pakistan
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The dairy business is a popular business on our list because it has very profit by selling milk or opening your own milk shop. It is easily can be started by the average person who has the interest to start a business.

Want to learn about Dairy Business:

You can start Dairy Business by earning a degree or you can get a professional degree in dairy technology and start a dairy business.

How much investment in the Dairy business?

From less to less amount, you need somewhere between 2 to 3 lakh rupees for starting this business.

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